Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raw Chocolate-Banana Cream Pie (Tepoe)

Crust: Macadamia Nuts (approximately 1 cup)
Almonds (approximately 1 cup)
25 pitted California Dates (that's what the big bag at Costco called them)
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (to taste)

Filling: 2 large ripe Hass avocadoes (just the inside meat, with no pit)
2 large ripe bananas (peeled)
15 pitted California Dates
1/8 cup Raw Organic Agave (I used less than this)
1/2 C. Organic Almond milk
1/2 C. Organic Soy milk
1/2 C. raw cacao powder

Process the crust ingredients in a food processor till nice and sticky and the size of the crumble is suitable to your taste. Press into a 9X9 square Pyrex baking pan. You will probably have extra for snacking. Blend filling ingredients in a power blender, blending first the dates and liquid, and adding in the cocoa, then avocado, banana, and agave if needed. You could also just add another banana for sweetness. Fill in the crust and refridgerate for at least 30 minutes for the "cream" to set nicely. Alternately, serve the filling as a pudding topped with fresh bananas and sprinkle the "crust" on top! YUMMY and rich- what a perfect raw food:) I personally did not like the texture of my blended up dates in the pudding filling. I like smooth to be super smooth, so maybe I would blend the dates with even more liquid before adding in the other ingredients, or maybe not use dates, just raw organic agave? Not positive about the little bits of texture, but the taste is out of this world!

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